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Embossed 1000 reads Atena Carpet
Embossed 1000 reads Atena Carpet Embossed 1000 reads Atena Carpet
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Embossed 1000 reads Atena Carpet

شماره انبارداري:  
مقدار: 10 عدد
Reads: 1000 reads
Density: 3000
color frame: 8 color
pile yarn genus: Acrylic heat set and high bulk
Weft yarn genus: cotton
Weaving machine: HCIx2
Quality: Grade1
Available dimensions: 3×4 - 2.5×3.5 - 2×3 - 1.5×2.25 - 1×4 - 1×3 - 1×2 - 1×1.5
The height of yarn pile: 8±1
color: shelly ,dark-blue
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وضعيت موجودي: موجود است
افزودن به ليست مقايسه | افزودن به محصولات مورد علاقه

 Embossed modern carpet design Atena 1000reads density 3000 has the best quality with two kinds of color like dark-blue and shelly.

Machine carpet is an example of hand-made carpet that is woven and produced in larger industrial carpet weaving machines. Machine carpets are more popular than hand-made carpets due to their cheaper and faster production speed. Machine carpet has a history of 40 years and the first machine carpet in the 50s in Kashan carpet factory was produced by carpet weaving machines. 

It has been welcomed by people because of their similarity in elegance and texture quality to hand-made carpets. Each carpet has two types of density: 

transverse density or reads : 

How many carpets of 700 reads in each meter of carpet in each transverse meter of 700knots. 

The density of the carpet is directly related to the number of knots in one meter of the carpet length. 

If the reads or the density of the carpet is high, the carpet is more delicate and beautiful, although the thickness of the carpet decreases. 

The yarns used in carpet weaving are polyester or Artifical silk and acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn has a high resistance to heat and has no fluff.

Due to the various products that exist in the carpet market, fortunately, carpets with all the tastes and cultures of the society are offered at reasonable prices with the newest models.

Machine carpet is a popular and pleasant carpet among people since it has a variety of designs, patterns, colors, dimensions and is sold at a more reasonable price than handmade carpets in the global market. 

One of the influential factors in the quality of machine carpets is the fibers used in the carpet texture. 

There are different fibers on the carpet texture, and acrylic is the first of these fibers in terms of quality.

Acrylic yarns are highly resistant to light, heat and dust and are very soft.

 Acrylic carpets have a clearer color than polyester carpets

. Polyester carpets have smell like plastic or petroleum products due to the poor quality of plastic materials, how ever , acrylic carpets do not have this smell.

As a result, if the existing carpet does not have any of the above characteristics, the carpet is definitely made of polyester and

It lacks the optimal quality.

Buying Atena embossed carpet from Amitis collection

Kashan Arghavan Carpet has produced and presented to the carpet market ,this time, the atena design which is a 1000-reads carpet with a density of 3000.

This product with various colors and new designs is on sale. 

Dear customers can make their purchase online from Kashan Arghavan Carpet online store or directly from reputable stores. 

By purchasing directly from the factory or this collection, the carpets will be presented to our dear compatriots at an approved price and without ancillary costs, along with a warranty and free delivery throughout the country.

Selecting a rug with home decoration:

To choose the right carpet, we must consider the method of use and the type of application. The carpet that we use for receptions and busy places should have a high resistance and be resistant to dust. 

For the bedroom, it is better to use a carpet with a soft material and a bright light spectrum.

Dark-colored carpets such as blue carpets, black carpets, brown carpets , walnut carpets easily show soot and dirt, and light carpets and cream carpets show dirt and footprints.

If the space of your house is small and you want to make it big, it is better to use light carpets. If you have a large and small space, it is better to use dark carpets. 

Carpet is one of the effective and important factors in the layout and beauty of the house. Carpet patterns, color, design and elegance of the carpet play an important role in the space and layout of the house.

carpet design

The design and color of the carpet is one of the factors that make the house bigger or smaller.

Choose the full power of your home based on the color of your carpet, which is difficult to say the least. 

Choosing a rug with a suitable design and color makes it beautiful and gives rise to calm  in the home.

In a modern style with a simple layout should be carpets with a simple and modern design

In the style of classic decoration, use carpets with original Iranian patterns.

It is recommended not to use small carpets or rugs in a small space, because using small carpets in these places give rise to looking narrower the space and make the dimensions of your space appear smaller.

It is better to use light carpets in houses with dark floors since it makes the environment more beautiful and pleasant.

Kashan carpet

Kashan Arghavan Carpet Factory is a certified manufacturer and exporter of provincial samples that provides grade1 carpets to satisfy our dear compatriots.

For this reason, the carpets produced in this collection have grade1 and excellent texture quality, and the yarns in carpets,kilims, pictorial carpet are 100% Acrylic heat set without fluff with a warranty . 

Among the carpets offered, we can introduce 700-reads carpet, 1000-reads carpet, and 1200-read carpet .

Kashan machine carpet, unlike hand-made carpets, is woven by industrial machines. Carpet weaving machines in Kashan Carpet Factory are among the most modern carpet weaving machines, which include HCIx2, HCPx2 and Vandville. In addition It has the elegance and quality of grade1 texture.

The texture of the carpet is one of the treatment factors in the quality and beauty of the carpet. 

In Kashan Carpet Factory, its pile yarn is 100% acrylic heat set and its weft yarn is guaranteed grade1 cotton.

  Kashan Carpet company make purchase easier for customers by providing samples of carpet designs and Offers purchase directly from the factory to all walks of people.

The price of carpets is the production price and delivery from the factory is free.

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